Tuesday, January 5, 2010

this is where here is

i decided to make my first post from my phone at night when i'm tired. that was pretty smart, but i hope to make even better blog decisions from this point on. ANYWAY, the picture is the view from my window. i mean if you look up. the other direction isn't that great.
today i read a ton of old IM logs. that made me a little nostalgic for the old days. SO, the point of all this is to finally note down this helpful reminder in a place where future ted will see it: HEY TED, REMEMBER TO SEND BACK A TIME MACHINE AS SOON AS YOU GET/BUILD ONE. i've left myself a few such notes and even told some of you* to remind me and you apparently didn't**. i somehow knew i wouldn't be able to count on you :-/
here's hoping that guilt trip gets me a time machine.
* my implied future readership
** won't


  1. aw C'MON! no one expects to be actually reminded!

  2. I thought the problem with a time machine is you can only go back in the past to the point that a time machine was created?

  3. basically the problem with a time machine is that i don't have one. if i did, i'd go back in time and make up the rules for what a time machine can and can't do.