Friday, January 8, 2010

Incident at Loch Aliceanna, Part One

I arrived at Thomas's apartment during a party. We ate and drank, and as I talked with with people I started to gather that they were all together for some purpose. Among the attendees were many people with occupations in the field of film production (though this may be expected at the party of a documentary film director), as well as a wilderness expert, a former naval officer, a cryptozoologist, and the adult film star who currently held the world record for "most big gang bang"(sic). Little did I know, these were people that I was to become quite well acquainted with over the coming months.
It had become apparent that Thomas had not gathered these people by accident, so I approached him and said, "OK, Thom. What gives? Are you planning a documentary?"

"Aren't I always?" Thomas replied, with an expression of barely contained excitement.

"OK, you want me to guess. Based on the expertise of those whom you have gathered, I expect it is a topic in nature or at least to take place in a natural setting," I proposed, in a way reminiscent of "Twentington Questions".

"In nature?" The glint in his eyes was now shining at about 10,000 candle power, "or in super-nature??"

I thought of the cryptozoologist. Could it be?! "You couldn't be ..."

"Yes ...?" he encouraged.

"You won't be mounting the green and steaming seas of Loch Aliceanna, in search of her mythical denizen the Loch Aliceanna monster, will you?!" But of course, he would be. And as it would turn out I'd be going as well.

Next Time, on Incident at Loch Aliceanna:
"I still don't understand, why bring the large breasted adult film star?" I asked.
"She is also a sonar expert," he claimed, calmly and very subtly defensively. I had to wonder whether Thomas's affinity for large breasts had affected his judgment in selecting the sonar operator.

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