Wednesday, January 27, 2010

10 unique visitors party!

MILESTONE REACHED! i hit ten unique visitors today! as a special thank you, i cordially invite all 10 of you to my 10 unique visitors party this friday night on H street in capitol hill, washington, dc!
a few quick clarifications to prevent the flood of comments that are sure to pour in since this blog is so popular now:

1) no, i'm not rich yet! i've still got a long way to fame and fortune!
2) no, i'm not really 100% sure i have ten unique visitors. it's based on a cookie. so boost my numbers (ego) and clear your cookies between visits!
3) yes, i am repurposing someone else's party! come on guys, what was i really going to do? fly you in or throw a party by myself?!
4) yes, exclamation marks do make things more exciting!

notesfromrighthere gives back: i'd like to say thank you to all the fans who made this minor victory possible. mention this blog post for one free drink on me.*

* cash value of this blog post 1/20th of one cent. terms and conditions may apply.

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