Friday, June 18, 2010

happy weekend

a poem

my wallet's right theres,
my phone is downstairs,
and i think i saw my cares ...
but i can't remember wheres

happy weekend

Friday, June 4, 2010

new menu items from Notes Café

whoa! we just got a great new tea shipment we think you'll love. here are some new teas for you to enjoy.

New Teas Or is it just a tease?
Irish Breakfast tea
tastes like a boxtie $0

just kidding!! Irish Breakfast Tea #2
who eats boxtie for breakfast?? this is an invigorating blend of tomato, bangers, eggs, baked beans and black and white puddings $0

DOUBLE KIDDING. English breakfast Tea
almost exactly like the Irish, but less sheep, more serious, and doesn't sing when it talks $ zing!

Drunken Red Tea
it's not drunken until you've drunk it. made with vodka instead of water. served cold or hot. makes jokes funnier. $0

can't wait to see you here!