Friday, October 15, 2010

update your dang blog

whew! i am wearing my write-lites, knee deep in blog-cogs, patching up leaky prose-hose, coughing on joke-smoke, and trying to get lil' ol' miss blog machine kicking again ...

did you buy that? the real problem is that i am a lazy, uncreative jerk for sometimes MONTHS at a time. my least favorite type of blog post is the "sorry i haven't been updating!" post, because it's extremely unsatisfying to get nothing but "oopsy" when you've been waiting for so long for a new post. with this in mind, i will do my best to make this one more substantial than that.

fig 1. me as a little dude. you: "awwwww ..... !"
do you like that? everyone likes little kid pictures right? is it self-indulgent to assume you will think my own kid picture is cute? reminder: this whole blog is self-indulgent and yet some people still like it! i think that is so cool. you guys are so cool. do you like to read blogs that call you cool? i bet! plus you look really good today.

pictures almost always make a blog post more fun. for this reason, i googled "good pictures" and found this lovely assortment:
fig 2. "good pictures" might be the only search term that doesn't bring up porn.

this blog has been so fun so far. i wonder if my unofficial co-blogger Morgan Freeman has anything to add:

"Ted, your blog has been backed up for quite some time. Was it difficult to squeeze this one out? I know that was lame but I only come here for poop jokes and the topic really doesn't lend itself. Watch THROUGH THE WORMHOLE with me, Morgan Freeman, Wednesday nights at 10pm on the SCIENCE channel. If your bathroom is equipped with televisions, watch while you are ejecting mass from the center of your black hole. tee hee!"

man, that guy can be really weird.

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