Friday, March 19, 2010

angry letter from notes café

oh boy, here we go.

"Dear Notes from Right Here,
I take issue with the review of my restaurant that you recently posted on your blog spot (or whatever). FIRST OF ALL, the four star scale goes from ONE to four, meaning that the lowest score is ONE, not zero. Where did you learn to be a café critic? I'm not even going to make up a stupid café college and assume that you went to it. I'm not going to do that for you.
There are good things about Notes Café! For instance, our ingredients are mostly organic (Whole Foods is way closer than Safeway), but you didn't see fit to mention anything nice. I don't know why you thought our menu was FUNNY. You are a small minded person. Why don't you just eat somewhere else?
P.S. I eat there every day and I am FINE and not buzzed on rotted pearsPPS IS that even possible??!!"

can you believe that guy? i was just kidding around. i will be in there for lunch so i guess then we'll talk this out. by the way .. does he seem a little drunk to you? i think there is something wrong with those pears.

does this look right?

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  1. Perhaps a better way to sell this would be to replace the word "rotten" with "baked" and then call the "moosh" "caramelized".